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Op. Dr. Ramazan Sargın

Op.Dr.Ramazan Sargın is an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist working in the field of nose and facial aesthetics. Combining his education, which he successfully completed in the best faculties of Turkey, with his 20 years of professional experience, he works to provide the best service to his patients. He has more than 5000 functional and aesthetic nose surgery experience. He has already exceeded 10 thousand hours in his field. It hosts its patients in the best conditions by using the latest technological facilities so that their patients are happy in the family environment, in the warmth of the family, and by feeling the trust in the family. Op.Dr.Ramadan Sargın has served patients from 10 countries of the world and 24 cities of Turkey so far.

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Comments From Our Patients

" As a result of an accident I had when I was little, I had a broken nose. It was starting to bother him a lot. I have done research for years on behalf of rhinopolosti. Ramazan teacher is a competent doctor. He answered all the fears of me and my family. We can't thank you enough. We finished 1 month. Endless thanks to you and your team for all their efforts before and after the surgery."

" After I decided to have a nose surgery, I immediately started to look for a doctor. I examined all the pages of all the doctors I researched, their videos, the programs they attended, all the posts they made about their jobs and the comments made below. We made an appointment for the examination. We got the surgery date, we had the surgery, I almost had no pain, and even though I was still edematous at the end of a week when the tapes came off, the result was so great that it made me cry. He is the most humble doctor I have ever seen! Also, he has built such a team for himself that everyone in his team is so sincere and sincerely interested in you, it is impossible not to be satisfied. I would like to thank Ramazan teacher and his team here."

" Since I am only 19 years old, I really wanted a natural nose that I could love in the long run and did not change my face, and I talked to almost all the doctors, but the only really sincere, smiling and problem-oriented doctor was Ramazan Bey. Also, I returned home with almost zero pain and zero bruises after the operation, it was a truly wonderful procedure. I recommend it to anyone who has a problem with their nose or does not like it."

" Hello everyone, it will be a bit long, but I still want to talk about my process. First of all, I was a person who wanted to have rhinoplasty surgery for a long time and did research on it. I had a lot of doctor meetings and reviewed the pre- and post-operative images. Finally, my teacher Ramazan appeared before me and I am glad that he did, every time I say. Before the operation, my teacher explained in detail everything that I knew to be true and could be wrong about this process. Before the surgery, I knew all the possible and impossible aspects of the nose type I wanted. As a matter of fact, I also experienced a bit of surgery stress, but thanks to my teacher and his team, they supported me a lot in this regard :) After the operation, I had absolutely no pain, I had very little bruising, and it has already passed for 3-4 days. I did not even feel the moment of tampon removal, which is the most painful moment that everyone fears. Now, I have a 4-month-old nose that is getting better day by day. Those who see it say that there is a change, you have become more beautiful, but they cannot understand that I had surgery, this is really enjoyable. Anyone who wants to have a natural, aesthetic and pleasant-looking nose that suits my face should definitely visit my teacher Ramazan. He and his team are not paid :))"

" Hello everyone, I can't thank my teacher Ramazan enough. When I decided to have surgery, my nose was so bad that I can't explain. I had a nose that always upset me until I was 21 years old. I had an operation a month ago. Thanks to my teacher Ramazan, I have a natural nose. Now I am very happy, although my nose is swollen, the people around me liked it very much, don't be afraid, the bruising was very low."

" As someone who has undergone septum rhinoplasty surgery, I would like to thank Ramazan Brain and the nurse working with him, one by one, for his interest in the people working in his clinic both before and after the surgery. I wanted a healthy and aesthetically very natural nose. As a result of my research, the positive comments of the people around me, and the visuals of his work, I decided to have the operation for Mr. Ramazan. Both he and his nurse took care of him before and after the operation. After the operation, neither pain nor bruise occurred on my face. In fact, three days after the operation, I was in a good condition to go on with my life. He is a doctor that I am very satisfied with in terms of health and aesthetics and that I recommend him to my friends without hesitation. Thank you again for your hard work, meticulous work, knowledge and care."

" My esteemed doctor Ramazan Bey is truly an excellent doctor who is an expert in his field. He performed my rhinoplasty surgery in July and took care of everything from start to finish. These roads, which we took from Adıyaman to Antep, made us forget all the tiredness with the care of professional Dr Ramazan SARGİN and his very sweet nurse. I went all the way to Adana, I visited a cook doctor, I am very sensitive about this, but I have not really seen those who are as interested as Ramazan Bey and his team. Thank you so much for being with me from start to finish. Everything is fine in my nose, thank God, it happened as I wished anyway, I think Ramazan Bey's most distinctive feature is his meticulous approach to tissues. While examining, it examines with minimal touches according to your sensitivity. I think he's at the top of Maslow's hierarchy in humanity. He's a self-made doctor. He does his job meticulously, not after advertising. His empathy, compassion, human approach is very good in everything. Whenever there was a question I wanted to ask, I was able to reach it, thank you very much. Those magical hands will continue to carry out many beautiful operations. Thanks. Thank you very much to Hemmsiireemme, there is a sweet nurse in the world. I'm still seeing you. The address where all your questions will be answered is Dr. Ramazan Sargin... Love and respect from Adiyaman.."

" I've been wanting to have a nose surgery for about 5 years, I researched a lot. I finally decided on Mr. Ramazan and I'm glad I chose Mr. Ramazan. He is definitely a very knowledgeable doctor. His team is also very interested. All your questions and problems are answered before the surgery. The result is great from my nose. I am very satisfied both in terms of aesthetics and health, I am glad that I chose Ramazan. Endless thanks to Ramazan and his team."

" Hello, I was a person who was extremely afraid of nose surgery at first. There was always a worry in me, I wonder if they will be able to fix my nose or will it be beautiful. After a lot of research, I met Mr. Ramazan. He told me every detail about my nose, he took care of me and helped me overcome my fears. There was no bruising after the operation, a very nice natural nose was made and they took great care after the operation. I have no regrets, a great team indeed. I recommend it to everyone.."

" I have been doing research on rhinoplasty for a very long time. I was extremely complaining about my nose, I could not give a side profile, I had a belt on my nose and a huge nose. I was following my teacher Ramazan for a long time, I was examining the before and after of the noses he made, and I was getting information from my friends who had it done because, to be honest, I am an extremely pimply person and yes, I finally decided to have surgery, I was hesitant to see if I found the right place, but I definitely believe that I found the right place. and the staff in his clinic were extremely interested and my teacher Ramazan made me a nose exactly as I wanted, thank goodness he and his nurse supported me as much as possible during this process. I can't thank you enough. He doesn't even understand, he looks extremely natural and beautiful. I have a nose that gets better day by day and I'm glad I chose you and got to know you. I can say that it is the only address where all your questions can be answered and you can trust and entrust yourself, I would recommend it to everyone, thank you to you, your team, and your nurse."

" I went to Ramazan with complaints of my nose being too big for my face and nasal congestion. He really gave me confidence from the very first meeting. For years I was afraid and could not have the operation, but I decided with courage and I am glad that I had the operation. From the very beginning, both her and her nurse and other members of her team have been very helpful at every stage. I am very happy with the result now. I am glad that I chose Ramazan, he is a great doctor."

" I had breathing problems for a long time, I was also uncomfortable with the appearance of my nose, and I had researched a lot of doctors. I had a severe curvature in my nose. So I could hardly breathe. I met Mr. Ramazan on recommendation. Despite my fears, I felt very safe as soon as I was examined by Mr. Ramazan. Both in the pre-operative examination and after the operation, the nurse and her team were really interested. Although I have a very difficult nose to operate, everything went very well. After the surgery, my bruises were very few and they went away after 1 week. It has now been almost 5 months since my surgery and I have not had any problems. I breathe very easily and my nose looks very nice and natural. I am glad that I had surgery on Mr. Ramazan, he is an excellent doctor."

" I wanted to have rhinoplasty for a very long time and I was in constant search for doctors. After meeting with many doctors, I went to meet with Mr. Ramazan on the recommendation of my friend and Mr. Ramazan gave me confidence from my first meeting. My surgery took 4 hours, although I am a person with a very low pain threshold, I did not feel any pain. Whenever I was worried after the operation and I had a question mark, I was able to reach Mr. Ramazan immediately, this is very, very valuable to me. In every process, Mr. Ramazan has been very comforting and supportive, I would like to especially thank him for this. I would also like to thank the lady sitting in the secretariat, she was always smiling and solution oriented. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends who want advice from me about rhinoplasty. Thank you for everything"

" I have been suffering from my nose for a long time. I wasn't even taking pictures because of my nose, I was ashamed when I was laughing, I was in a state of twitching when I entered any environment. When we went to the clinic, we were welcomed very warmly. It was a very friendly environment. The interest of our teacher Ramazan was different, of course, we should not forget his nurse :)"

" I had a very pronounced curvature on my nose and I've been thinking about having a rhinoplasty for years. I met him when a relative of mine recommended Mr. Ramazan to me. Fortunately, I chose him as a doctor. I live in Izmir, I contacted him on the phone and they helped me a lot even from a distance. My biggest fear was not the surgery, but the process after the surgery. Indeed, Ramazan and his nurse are able to minimize the bruises and pains in this process. When the people around me saw me, they were very surprised that I recovered so quickly after nose surgery. Before the operation, they still do not cut off their interest with you after the operation and after the operation. I recommend everyone to meet and choose such successful people in their work."

" 1 year ago today I applied for nose surgery. In this process, I observed every detail that we talked to him before and after the surgery. For that reason, I thank him for his honest and accurate communication with me. My 1st year is over and I am very satisfied with the shape and anatomy of my nose. My complaints have been resolved. Thank you also for your interest and concern. I would definitely recommend."

Aesthetic Nose

emergency dentistry
Op. Dr. Ramazan Sargın

Aesthetic Nose

Op.Dr. Who is Ramazan Sargin? Op.Dr.Ramadan Sargın is an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist working in the field of nose and facial aesthetics. Combining his successfully completed education in the best faculties of Turkey with his 20 years of professional experience, he works to provide the best service to his patients. He has more than 5000 functional and aesthetic nose surgery experience. He has already exceeded 10 thousand hours of experience in his field. It hosts its patients in the best conditions by using the latest technological facilities so that the patients are happy in the family environment, in the warmth of the family and by feeling the trust in the family. Op.Dr.Ramadan Sargın has served patients from 10 countries of the world and 24 cities of Turkey so far.

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Patients

Facial aesthetics are performed to reshape structures in the head and neck, including the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones, lips, hair and neckline. To get successful results, it is necessary to work with a successful team. In addition to a successful team with Ramazan SARGIN, we promise you an unforgettable experience and a new you. We are just a click away.

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