• How often should skin care be done?
    Skin care is recommended four times a year, once every three months. The reason for this recommendation is to purify the skin from oils that accumulate in the black spots (komedon), oil beads (milya) and pores (por), which are caused by the sebaceous secretion of the skin. During Ciilt Care, intensive moisture application is done to provide a smooth and shiny look to the skin provided that the skin is water balanced.
  • What is the purpose of professional skin care?
    It is necessary to protect Cildin natural water and oil balance in order to prevent acne, dryness and breakage of the skin. Continuous elimination of toxins from the skin by preventing pore clogging Professional skin care should be applied regularly to ensure skin cell regeneration balancing, ensuring the removal of dead skin cells from the skin and the emergence of fresh fresh skin.

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